Hollis Prism 2 TEC CCR 60 Course

PADI CCR60 Hollis Prism 2 Rebreather Training

Tec 60 CCR Diver course for the Hollis CE Prism 2 is the second level of technical diving training PADI offer. After you complete the Tec 60 CCR course, you will be qualified to extend your CCR diving adventures down to a maximum depth of 60 metres.

You will also learn to complete multiple decompression stops, manage life-support problems and dive with trimix/heliox as a diluent instead of just air.

It’s a considerable challenge, but if you’re serious about being a tec CCR diver, then this course is the next step in becoming a tec CCR diver.

This course takes you from knowing how to fly your PRISM 2 like a Boss to Learning how to overcome most mechanical problem that could occur while underwater.

We will cover the ins and outs of the Hollis Prism2 and more advanced procedures than you learnt on the CCR40 Hollis Prism 2 course..

We will cover both the front ( FMCL ) and back mounted counter lung ( BMCL ) versions of the CE Hollis Prism 2.

And have great of fun while learning lots.

Hollis Prism 2 Rental units are available from us for this course.

Who is the Hollis Prism 2 CCR 60 course for

This course is aimed at experienced CCR 40 divers or those with equivalent certifications from another CCR diver training agency. Who want to continue their adventures to greater depths with longer deco and the ability to use Trimix. Allowing even more enjoyment in the bubble free silent world of the Hollis PRISM 2 CCR.

You will need to be qualified and have previous experience of the Hollis Prism2 CCR Rebreather.

The PADI CCR Certification path does not stop at PADI CCR 60 - 60m Deco Trimix Diluent

We also have following

PADI CCR 100 - 100m Deco Trimix Diluent

For another Type T CCR diver we have the 

PADI CCR 100 Qualifier - 100m Deco Trimix Diluent

What qualifications do I need for this Hollis PRISM 2 CCR Diver course

To take a PADI CCR 60 Diver course, you must

  • Be a Tec PADI CCR 40 Diver qualified on the Hollis PRISM 2 CCR or equivalent.
  • Have logged a minimum of 150 dives.
  • Have at least 25 dives and 50 hours experience diving the Hollis PRISM2 with an offboard bailout system following Tec 40 CCR Diver principles.
  • Have at least 10 logged CCR dives deeper than 30 metres/100 feet.
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